Amnesia Blog POST #1

I have absolutely no Idea how to start writing these things so I am just going to start with a little about me. My name is Erinn Yepiz I live in the obnoxiously sunny and overpriced state of California. I work a mediocer job in retail and I’m about to start my jr. year at UC Davis and go thousands of dollars in debt.

I used to write a lot more about this not so entertaining life I live, but I took a break for a few years to focus on living life in hopes of finding said entertainment… I regret to inform you that I was unsuccessful. However, I do have a few stories I would like to share.

So, almost 4 years ago I hit my head and was diiagnosed with retrograde amnesia. Basically I could read, write, walk, and talk, but I didnt retain any of my narrative memory… Fortunately I was still alive. Since the day of October 13th 2014 I have learned more about life than one could imagine, and I have contless stories to share, some funny, some sad, and some just downright weird.

Most people would think to start at the beginning, but that’s a little boring! I’m going to start at the middle-Ish. Two weeks out of the hospital still not remembering simple things you would expect a 15 year old to know, like, where babies come from what or what a “grade” in “school” is. I was in the food room (later I found out it was called a kitchen) and I was hungry, I noticed the black food box (more commonly known as a microwave). I natrally pushed the popcorn button and returned to my bedroom where I impatiently waited for the beep, indecating my popcorn was ready. When the beep finally came I opened the food box and was incredibly dissapointed to find no popcorn. Apparently you are supposed to put popcorn in the food box which heats or cooks it. The simple, sad, incident of the black food box is many years behind me, however, I like to look back on it to remind myself of how far I’ve come in the short 3.5 years I have been “alive”.

I want to remind everyone that life is not about the incredible things you accomplish, but how those things make yourself and the people around you feel.

Thank you all for reading my story today, let me know if you would be interested in more. Stay positive, and keep fighting!

~ Erinn Yepiz

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